Advanced Healthcare Professionals, Inc.


Job Title:                    Senior Market Research Analyst (Full-time)


Job Description:         Collecting market data by implementing appropriate methods and procedures, such as simple and stratified sampling, and Likert scale, through data mining techniques, surveys, direct contact and face-to-face consumer studies; analyzing the collected data using statistical techniques such as significance testing, clustering, multivariate analysis, and regression analysis utilizing data analysis software such as SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics), R, and SAS (Statistical Analysis System) to identify market trends, customer preferences, needs, and buying habits; reporting the results of statistical analysis and price variance analysis to direct supervisor to determine optimal sales markets, sales modalities, pricing, product design, delivery and promotion; identifying company's strength and weakness to provide recommendations on expanding the company's offerings, opening new representative offices, or changing product structure; communicating with manufacturers to document import, inventory management, and distribution processes; providing recommendations for management of inventory in US based on the timely market data and manufacturer process; establishing weekly marketing meeting to calibrate the marketing plan for each product based on new data and performance evaluations; presenting market analysis and reports to management team; investigating and measuring social media and e-commerce impact, managing the company's advertisement based on the market preference and working to enhance company's brand image; collecting and analyzing data on customer preferences, needs and buying habits in order to optimize the company's product implementation of existing and new market research; and planning and establishing the market strategy for the company.

Job Requirement:       Master’s degree in Statistics, Marketing, Business, or a related field.



Job Site & Interview: Houston, TX


Please send in resume & cover letter to 

mark.chang@advancedhealthprofessionals.com or fax 713-988-6262





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